Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hampden Coffee and Cake Coracle Kickoff

Omaruvian coraclers, watch out, Hampdenites are coming.

Inspired by the recent surge in interest in coracle making in Oamaru, some recent immigrants to the wee coastal village of Hampden got together one fine autumn day for the inauguration of their coracle society.

To mark the occasion, John Baster, the well-known coracle maker from Oamaru offered his expert help to the society members.

Naturally the day began with quantities of coffee and cake. A work site was decided on and suitable branches from the property were harvested. After this strenuous effort an elegant lunch of home made pasta and salad was consumed, and the coracle making gathered pace, streamlined by John's new 'po-mo' technique. By the time the wine was opened the framework was complete to the joy of the members.

The Hampden coracle society will meet again to finish the boat, and a paddle making session is also planned. The society is keen to have its own race in the local dam (if we get a bit of rain), before sending highly trained representatives to the big race in Friendly Bay.

The pictures feature John Baster and Hampden Coracle Society member Aranrhod.

By Rick Tanaka

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